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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

The Kitten Forest


2021 Litters

 Many Colors

Please reserve early

as kittens go quickly


I apologize that this site at Web.com no longer allows me to add

pictures. Please feel free to contact me at alpacaluv@hotmail.com

and I will be happy to send you pictures and videos at your request.


Rehominga couple of my sweet mama's

Please check Dams page for pictures. Or contact me.


Gwen and Peaches.

Also, I have a year old kitten Aria. She is black and white with a champion sire.

Sweet girl never been used as a breeder.


New litter:

Mystic and Winston

Born April 28, 2021

I blue male (sold)

1 tortie female (sold)

1 red male  (sold)

1 silver tortie female (sold)


Mia and Winston

Born March 2, 2021 

1 Red with white male (sold)

1 Tortie with white female (sold)

1 Blue with white female (sold)


Peaches and Winston

Born Dec 25, 2020

All Sold

1 Tortoiseshell Female  (sold)

1 Blue with white Female  (sold)

1 Blue with white Male   (sold)

1 Solid Red Male   (sold)


Gwen and Winston

Born Dec 16, 2020

Available female

2 Red Males  (sold) 

1Tortie Female (sold)

1 Tortie Female with White (sold)


Mia and Winston


Born Oct 13, 2020

3 Blue and white Females

1 Blue and white Male


Mystic Sabrina and Winston


July 23, 2020

1 red male tabby (sold)

1 brown tabby male (sold)

1 brown tabby female (sold)

1 silver tabby with orange female (sold)

1  silver tabby with white female (sold)

1 silver tabby solid silver female (sold)


 Litter from 

Mia and Rowan

Born May 22, 2020


1 red and white male (sold)

1 blue with white female (sold)

1 blue with (a little ) white female =(sold)


Peaches and Winston

Born April 23, 2020

1 red male (sold)

1 calico female (sold)


Mia and Winston

Born Jan 13, 2020

1 tabby female (sold)

1 black smoke male (sold)

1 red with white male (sold)

1 cream with white male (sold)

This beautiful Tortie female is available.

Born Dec 16, 2020 she is now old enough for her forever home.  SOLD  Thank you Lori M.


Gwen and Winston's

Oct 30, 2019

2 Red males (sold)

1 Blue Tabby female (sold)

1 Torte female (sold)

1 Brown Tabby female (sold)

Red Male, (sold)

Blue Tabby Female, (sold)

Red with White Male, (sold)

All kittens are sold from Mystic

Mystic and Winston's new litter of 5,

Born June 19, 2019

3 black smoke with white,

2 reds with white.

Sex to be determined.

All kittens are sold from Mia

If you are interested, Mia will be having a litter in July.

Please contact me for a contract, the kittens really do go fast. As of today June 25, my list is open for first pick kitten on Mia's upcoming litter.

Thank you,


This litter is all SOLD

Litter 1 week old

Mystic's Red Boys at 3 1/2 weeks old 

The Black Smoke Males at 3 1/2 weeks old.


Mia and Rowans Litter

March 23, 2019

2 Reds with White Males

1 Red with White Female

1 Cream Female


Mia's kittens at 3 weeks old April 15, 2019


January 18, 2019

2 males and 3 females


Red Male: 14 days old

Black Smoke Male: 14 days old

He might lighten up to be a Blue.

Black Smoke Female with White: 14 days old

Two pictures of her showing off her white.

Black Smoke Female: 14 days old.

Two Pictures of her.

White face Blue female: 14 days olds

Two pictures of  her below. I think she will look

like her sire Winston when she grows up.

Aurora Sept 2018 Litter: Sold

Cream Male

(named Bo)

Available SOLD

Calico Female,

(named Butter)

Available SOLD

   Born Aug 17, 2018

Mia's New Litter of 4 SOLD

Mia's Male 1, Black Smoke with White Classic

At 6 weeks old

(named JP)


Mia's Litter Male 2, Red

(named Capt. Morgan)


   Born July 27, 2018

Leah's new litter

We are offering Leah also for sale for a low adoption fee. 

Great Mom!


Leah's litter Female 1, Cream with White Classic


Leah's litter Male 1, Cream with White Classic


Leah's litter Male 1, Blue Tabby with White Classic.

at 3 weeks old,


We are offering Annie for sale, she is a beautiful Calico with white.

Annie is soft spoken and will make a very good lap kitty to love on.

She was born with one good eye and it hasn't slowed her down.

Annie is offered for an adoption fee of $100. she has all her shots 

and is a very healthy girl.  SOLD

  • Born July 15, 2018 Available to new homes SOLD

Kittens 7, Mystic's Litter:

All kittens are very beautiful and 

range in dark colors, Blue tabby's, Black Smoke,

Calico and Tortoiseshell. There is 1 male in our 

litter of 7, he is a blue tabby and we also have a blue tabby female.

Check back for updated pictures of each as they become old enough for a photo shot.

Thank you!

All Sold, please check back for Spring of 2019 litter.

Mystic's litter at 3 weeks old

Mystic's MALE 1, Blue tabby with white.    

(named Dexter)

at 3 weeks old


Mystic's litter, Female 1, black tortoiseshell w/wht

Available (name Diamond) she gets her name from a diamond pattern on her hind foot.

At 3 weeks old


Diamond at 10 weeks old

Laid back sweetheart, easy going girl.


Mystic's litter, Female 2

Blue Smoke Tabby Classic,

(named Haley)

at 7 weeks old


Mystic Litter Female 3, Tortoiseshell with White

(named  Mystery) at 10 weeks

Available/ SOLD

Mystic's litter Female 4, Tortoiseshell 

(named Beautiful)

10 weeks old

Available SOLD

  • Born June 26, 2018 Sold

 Kitten 1 Male Gwen's litter:

Red Classic

named Moonshine


Red Classic male, at 5 weeks

"Moonshine" at 10 weeks old, smooth and mellow fellow.

Kitten 2, Female

Tortoiseshell with White

named Jewel


At 5 weeks old

Jewel At 10 weeks old laying on top of tree.

Sarah playfully hiding in the tree stump, lol.

  • 2018 Spring Kittens Sold

Kitten male 1 -  Mystic's litter:

Black Smoke with White Classic


This is Mystic's Big Boy. He is going to be a Black Smoke with White Classic. Or he could surprise us with being a Blue Tabby with White. Time will tell as he lightens up with growth. I do know this fellow loves to be held and climbs in a ball in our hands to sleep. He's going to be a wonderful loyal and playful companion.

This is Blooper, named by his new owner in TX.

Thank you Chris and Sheila.

Kitten male 2: Mystic's litter

Brown Tabby Classic: 

Name: Thor

Sold, Thank you Cecilia and family!!

This is a gorgeous Brown Tabby Classic  with lots of cuddles. We believe he will be very laid back and easy going. He does have a very playful side too and is fun to watch as he interacts with his siblings.

Kitten Female 1, Mystic's litter

Black Smoke Tabby Classic with White


Two beautiful black smoke tabby classic with white females. They are very playful, curious and great to cuddle with you holding them.  

These two look so much alike. They are so fun to play with I can't get enough of my girls.

This first little girl has found her forever home.

New name is Cookie ,named by her in owners in TX.

Thank you Teresa and Family!

This is Cookie and her sister Star.


This is Star at 6 weeks old.


Star relaxing after playtime.

Kitten Female, Mia's litter

April 15, 2018


This is Peaches, named by new owners in TX.

Thank you Teresa and Family

Kitten male 1, Aurora's litter

Red with White Classic. What I love about

this kitten is he has a white ring all around his

neck. He's adorable!! 4 days old in picture.

His name is Ollie, named by his new owner

Sold, thank you Teresa and family

Cuddled up after a bath, 7 weeks old.

He has a white ring around his neck which I feel will be fantastic looking when his mane grows out!

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