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The Norwegian Forest Cat

In it's native land of Norway, the Norwegian Forest Cat is known the Norsk Skogkatt. Brought here by the early Vikings and used on the boats as mousers. The Norwegian Forest Cat were made for the cold Norwegian winters with a water repellent double coat. Described at a large, semi long haired cat who is strong, and very similar to the Maine Coon breed. Wegies as they are affectionately known as come in an array of beautiful colors , have a super bushy tail, soft silky coats and sturdy robust body. They are sweet, gentle personable cats who love hugs and cuddling on your lap.

They are tree dwellers who enjoy climbing, along with being keen hunters. 

Natural Habits

The Norwegian Forest Cat are tree dwellers by nature and love to hang out in high places. The bigger the cat scratching tree you have the better! Wegies enjoy stretching out high on top and grabbing a snooze or gathering to snuggle with other cats on high.

Of course we can't underestimate our furry friends when they perch for a pounce on a playful unexpected playmate.

Wegies are quick and keen hunter. The Vikings used their natural skills aboard their boats to eliminate the rodents and I'm sure all the way down to the tiniest spider they could find. These beautiful cats are the best hunters and gatherers I have ever found!

Playful and Friendly

The Norwegian Forest Cats are very people oriented, super friendly. When they accept you as their special friend, they are like puppy dogs and follow you everywhere and want to interact with you and your activity. They love to buddy up, play games with you, (laser lights are their favorite). Climbing upon you as you relax in your recliner chair only to eagerly watch you eat their favorite foods, of course without any crumb bumming on their part.

             Our King of the House