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Norwegian Forest Cats

Home of our Beautiful Forest Cats 

About Us

We are a small cattery located in Texas and have been breeding NFC since 2014. Other then being one of the most beautiful cats on this earth we feel, they have the most personable character we have ever seen. Thus we have devoted ourselves to the best care and well being for a perfectly rounded Norwegian Forest Cat starting at kitten-hood to adult-hood, with good health maintenance and emotional well being. Our kittens are raised In the house with hands on care and socializing from birth. They aren't caged and are able to run and play underfoot which we delight in as eager watchers to their playful antics.

We strive to place our loving kittens into good family homes with people who enjoy their right to choose a purebred NFC for their family pet.

We are currently taking deposits on our summer litters of kittens. If you are serious about having one of these beautiful babies, we encourage you to review our contract and put a deposit down. I don't hold kittens without a deposit. So if you have a favorite make it yours with a deposit. And Please email us or call if you have any questions and would like a contract sent to you.

Thank you!

Members of

The Cat Fanciers Association and American Cat Fanciers.

Customers Review

Testimonial from our client

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Testimonial from our client

We love our new kitten! She is so full of life and fun! I don't know how we managed before without her!

Thank you for making our dream come true and blessing us with such a wonderful family member!

Terry Lynn

Testimonial from our client

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