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Our Beautiful Queens

Mystic Magic

Mystic is a beautiful tortoiseshell with white. She is sweetheart who loves to cuddle and rest on your lap. She has an array of colors that she produces in her litters. All of her kittens show a great deal of her charm and good nature temperament.  

 Please check our new arrivals on Kitten Page 

 Mia Bella Mystic

Mia is our first foundation female and she has been such a delight! 

Mia is a beautiful tortoiseshell  smoke with white. She is the Queen of the house and she knows it. Mia has beautiful colored kittens in her litters and has surprised us every time with something new under the sun.

Please check on our kitten page for updates.

Lady Gwendolyn 

Lady Gwen is Cream in color which will fade to an almost all white after she has a litter kittens. She has produced, Blues and Creams, Reds and Torties. She has a very loving personality, quiet and laid back. Out of all my cats Gwen is the most in controlled of her emotions. She will think things through before she decides to join in or just take a safer stand point and watch.  Gwen enjoys her time laying on your lap and getting her tummy rubbed. 

Mia Bella Peaches

Peaches is a beautiful Cameo Classic Tabby. She is the sweetest most loving and caring girl we have. Mild and sweet as they come.  All of her kittens are as equally endearing as Peaches is. 

Happy Wegie Tails